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CLOSED: Daisy the Cow Baby Security Blanket/Lovey

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Hi every one,

I am looking for some lovely people to test this blankie :) 

Pattern Style: the pattern has written description with photos

Skill Level:
Beginner. The stitches used: single crochet,double crochet,  puff stitch, increase and decrease, 

Materials:Worsted weight yarn in main color(about 170 yrd) , scrap yarn in yellow, white, brown, pink. Hook H/5.00 and F/3.75. You will also need some embroidery floss 

Number of Testers Needed: 1-2

Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: It is an easy project. I would say you can complete it in 2 evenings or so.(~3-4 hours)

Deadline: Friday  7/18. 

Tester Experience:You don't have to have prior testers experience, but you must know how to read the written pattern.

Tester Responsibilities: I would like testers to share notes/suggestions/changes for any mistakes as you work through the pattern, and send a picture of the completed blankie

Compensation: I will send a copy of finished pattern .




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Hi, I'd be happy to test for you.  Just FYI, you have the deadline as Monday 7/18; however, the 18th is a Friday.

Thanks:) I just fixed  it! 


Please let me know your email. I would be happy to send it to you! 


Thank you! 



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