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2014 Yarn Swap - Let the swapping begin

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Yarn Swap


Swappers choice! Specify what yarn, what colors, and let your partner spoil you.

The total value of your package must equal $25, which does not include shipping. You may include additional items based on your partner’s survey and emails, and don’t forget to stalk their Wish List for other ideas.


General Information


Swap Dates: This swap starts 1 July 2014 and ends 15 AUGUST 2014. All packages must be received by the ending date, so the mailing deadline for this exchange is 8 AUGUST 2014. All packages MUST be in the mail by 8 AUGUST 2014 (mailing deadline).


Remember: Crochetville admin limits Villagers to two swaps at one time. If you are already signed up for two swaps, one must be completed before the Yarn Swap starts for you to be eligible to swap. See the Swap Guidelines. A swap will count as completed if you have mailed your final package and delivery confirmation information shows your package has been received OR your swap partner has posted a thank-you in the swap thread.


Here are the rules. Please read them thoroughly before signing up. 

1. Please submit a survey if you want to participate in this exchange. (See second post for Survey information.) Surveys should be emailed to the swap coordinator, auntbubbels at nyc dot rr dot com. Please list the swap name in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email when your survey is received, and your username will be added to the list of swappers posted below. Surveys can be submitted until noon Eastern zone DST (New York City) on 29 June 2014

2. It is not required that you answer all the questions on the survey (except for name, address, and Crochetville nickname), but it is a good way for your partner to know your other preferences: favorite color, allergies, etc. If you have been in a recent swap, you may want to let the hostess know who your swap partner was, so you are not accidentally teamed again (this has happened).

3. By submitting a swap survey, you agree to follow all Swap Guidelines and general forum guidelines. Please note—there is now a new requirement re: digital patterns.

4. Partner assignments will be e-mailed to you on 1 July 2014. Packages must be POSTMARKED BY 8 August 2014. **Proof of shipping is required whenever it is available (see Swap Guidelines for details), and the delivery confirmation number must be emailed or PM'd to the swap coordinator.** All packages should be received by the end of the swap on 15 August 2014.

5. E-mail the coordinator, auntbubbels at nyc dot rr dot com, when you receive your partner information at the start of the swap, and when you send and receive your exchange item(s) so that she can keep record of who sent and received.  This is in addition to posting to the swap thread that you mailed or received your assigned partner and your packages. Lots of messages are posted to the swap thread daily. Please don’t make the swap coordinator go through all those messages to see if you sent/received your package!!! Remember, these emails are now required of all Crochetville swappers. Failure to do so will result in the accumulation of reputation points.

6. Please thank your partner for their thoughtfulness when you receive your package. It will make his or her day. **Thank-you’s MUST be posted on the swap thread, but you can post links to your blog for photos, etc., if you choose. Thank-you’s are REQUIRED!!**  Please also thank your partner personally with a private email, as well as a post to the swap thread. The private thank-you lets your partner know that their package has been received, and the public thank-you lets the other swappers know what you received and adds to everyone’s enjoyment of the exchange. Both public and private thank-you’s are required. 

7. Make sure your postage and receiver's address are correct before mailing. Mark your package with Crochetville Yarn Swap. Do not forget that delivery confirmation (or other proof of shipping) is required whenever it is available, and the delivery confirmation must be emailed to the swap coordinator. This provides proof of mailing in case your package is lost during transit. Delivery confirmation is now standard with first class shipping.

8. If you have a problem with your partner or an item you receive, please DO NOT post complaints to the swap board. Please PM or email the swap coordinator privately. 

9. If your package is not postmarked by the Mailing Deadline of 8 August 2014, you will be subject to the consequences listed in the Swap Guidelines. Please contact the swap coordinator BEFORE the mailing deadline passes if there is a problem. 

10. Since we are an international group, everyone is more than welcome to participate. That means that your exchange partner may live across the world and packages may take longer to arrive and cost more to ship. Keep this in mind when mailing items. 

11. Most importantly, have fun! Happy Swapping!! 


June 29: survey deadline
August 8: mailing deadline
August 15: end of swap


* Information for All Crochetville Swaps *

While you are required to read and understand the entire 2013 guidelines and the Copyright/Trademark Guidelines for Swaps in order to participate in a swap, the following major points are reminders. 

Eligibility: To participate in any Crochetville swap, you must be at least 18 years old and have achieved Villager membership level. For complete details, see Who is eligible to participate in a swap? 

* Swap Limit: You may participate in a maximum of two swaps at one time at Crochetville. For complete details, see How many swaps may I join at one time?

* Any Swap Problems? Contact your Swap Hostess as soon as possible. For complete details, see Swap Problems. 

* To Avoid Receiving Negative Points and/or Revocation of Swap Privileges: 
For complete details about negative points, see What actions could cause me to receive negative points? 
For complete details about revocation of swap privileges, see What actions could cause me to have my swap privileges revoked?



  • The items you send must meet at least the minimum requirements of the swap.
  • Within one week of receiving your partner assignment/survey from your Swap Hostess, post in the swap thread saying that you have received your partner.
  • Mail your swap package by the POSTMARK-BY deadline given in your swap.
  • When mailing your swap package, get a delivery confirmation (DC) number or other proof of mailing AND, within one week of mailing, send your DC or other proof of mailing to your Swap Hostess. If you are unable to obtain proof of mailing, still contact your Swap Hostess to say you have mailed but could not get proof of mailing.
  • Within one week of receiving your swap package from your swap partner, post a thank you to your partner in the swap thread.
  • You are expected to respond promptly to swap-related messages (PM/Private Message or email) from your Swap Hostess or Crochetville Administrators.

* Privacy Information: Your privacy is always very important to us at Crochetville. The information you submit for a swap is never used nor shared for any purpose other than the swap you are joining. The information you provide to your Swap Hostess on your swap survey is provided to your assigned swap partner(s). This information may also be provided to the Swap Coordinator and Crochetville Administrators (AmyS and Donna) for the purposes of swap coordination only. If necessary, and with your prior permission, survey information may also be provided to a Swap Angel sending an Angel Package (that is, a Crochetville member sending a replacement for a swap package not received). Your personal contact information (name, email address, mailing address) may also be used to obtain any specific items you have requested (gift certificate, digital pattern through Ravelry, etc.).



HollyzHobbyz - sent 9405 5102 0088 1251 3891 39 (sent)

jessicali 9114901159815109563017 (sent and received)

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Please email your surveys auntbubbELs at nyc dot rr dot com. You will receive a confirmation email that your survey has been received. All swappers will be listed on the first post.  



1. What is your full name (for mailing purposes only)?

2. What is your C'ville nickname?

3. Email address for swap information?

4. What is your complete mailing address? 

5. Can you send to a foreign partner?

6. Are you willing to exchange with a smoker?

7. Do you or anyone in your household smoke?

8. Do you have any pets?

9. Do you have any allergies? (Fiber, food, pets, smoke, etc.)

10. What are your favorite colors? Please be specific.

11. Are there any colors you don't like? 

12. What sort of items would you like to receive? 

13. Are there items that you do not wish to receive?

14. Are there any crochet or fiber art items that you particularly enjoy receiving?

15. What other crafts besides crochet do you enjoy, if any?

16. Have you participated in a swap at C'ville before? Which ones? 

17. Are you currently participating in any swaps? Which ones? 

18. What extra goodies do you enjoy? (Tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. — these aren't required items for this swap, but this info is useful if your partner wishes to send some extras). 

19. Have you read all of the swap rules, both for this specific swap and the Swap Guidelines? And do you agree to follow these rules? 

20. Anything else you want your partner to know?

21. Is there anything you need the swap coordinator to know? (This will be removed before your survey is sent out to your swap partner.)

**Submitting a survey means that you have read the swap rules in entirety and understand the consequences of not sending your exchange items as agreed, or for sending your swap items late.**

Edited by auntbubbels

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Let the swapping begin ladies, it's not hard to figure out who your partner is - LOL

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LOL...thank you Janet!  I'm sorry I didn't respond yesterday, but I spent the day sewing and never checked my email!  Getting ready to email Jessica now!

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Holly and i have been emailing!! The shopping has started!! Can't wait :) I will be getting some goodies while on vacation next week also!

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I receives my package from Holly yesterday!!!


Thank you so much.


I got a year of afghans calendar, a pamphlet with all the instructions for those afghans, a book with 5 baby blanket patterns & 2 printed patterns and a butterfly notepad.

6 skeins of ILTY yarn in pastels and some red heart reflective in hot pink and peacock.

Pack of mini cow tail candies and some caramel werthers candies some Starbucks iced coffee packs and a dish cloth.


Oh!! And they all came in a beautiful weaved basket!!


I think that's it. I'm on the road but will look through the pictures since they're on my phone!





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Oh Jessica....I'm so happy you like what I sent to you!  No new grand-daughter yet...she's due in three weeks, but I'm on standby to head out to El Paso.  Safe travels to you!

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Yay!  Tracking shows my package was delivered yesterday!  I'm in El Paso right now, but will be driving home to Fort Worth tomorrow.  I can hardly wait!

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What a weekend!  I got home safely from El Paso on Saturday and asked my husband where he'd put my package, to which he replied "what package"?  :shrug  We've lived here for 14 years and never had a package removed from the porch!  :think  But, not to worry...the mystery was solved!  :hi  I waited for my mailman to show up on Monday, and we discovered he had placed the package in the mailbox...but, he'd forgotten to put the key to get it out into my mailbox.  I couldn't be too angry though....he's a very nice man.  I'm happy to say that Jessica sent me a box "bursting at the seams" of ILTY "and" Caron's Simply Soft!  So, I'm Happy, Happy, Happy!  :manyheart  Thank you so much for being my partner! 

Edited by HollyzHobbyz

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I had fun!! I hope you are able to get more use out of the maroon CSS than I was! I just coulnd't get that yarn to cooperate with me! Enjoy the ILTY!! 

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