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Dolls from Wal-Mart

Tampa Doll

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The Other day I had a Dr.'s appointment.  We pass right by Wal-Mart, so we decided to stop in on the way back.


As Usual, I went to the craft/yarn section.  It is back down to one aisle.  After that I went to the dolls.  I am always on the look out for something new.  Actually I was looking for a doll that Darski has, but they only sell it in Canada.


I did find something and snatch up 2 more.  I already snatched up 2.  I now have 2 brown eyes and one green and one blue eyes.  The best part is they are only $7.95, every place else that I checked they are about $16.99.  So now you can see why I snatched these little cuties up.  They have a larger head, but they will fit any 8 to 10 inch clothing, depending on how lose or tight you  crochet.


Here is Lil'Cuties

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