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Jenniffer Lynn

Need help baby dress


Hello, I am making a dress without a pattern. I am making the yoke in a round, not the square neck. I need to know if anyone knows how long should I be going for before I start armholes, I am using 10 thread. Then is there a basic formula for marking armholes? How do you place them

Thank you for your time

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I don't know what the math is - except all elements of the yoke circle need to come together at the same place: distance from neck to underarm, and circumference around must end up being front+armhole+back+armhole measurement with the appropriate ease.  Often patterns will add chains when creating the underarm to get it to come out right, but you have to remember if you do this, you are also adding to the sleeve opening.


I think you'd need a sample baby garment (in the size of your project) at your side as a 'pattern' to get it right.


There are a few patterns here with round yokes - most are christening dresses, the 'regular' dresses seem to be mostly square necked:






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