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Help with Crochet Chart Pattern




I have a thread motif pattern I downloaded from a Russian site. I am completely baffled from row 8 out. I can't find anything that explains what the rectangles are, and I have no idea what the long like with 7 hash marks is, though it could be a DoubleTreble but that isn't what it looks like to me because there are no gaps in the bars that surround the mesh. That could be due to blocking though. And help would be so appreciated. Thanks.


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Dianna, so that we can make sure we are following copyright laws, our site policies state members cannot upload images they find on other sites. I've had to remove the image you included in your first post.


In most cases, I'd just ask you to post a link to the page on which you found the image. However, most Russian sites are full of copyright violations, so we are unable to allow links to them to be posted.

While we may not be able to help with the particular chart you have, hopefully some of the other references shared will provide the information you need.

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Hass design has a key for European symbols http://www.hassdesign.com/StitchLegend/

which are a bit different than the usual US-Japanese ones.


when you see 7 hash marks, that means yarn over hook 7 times.  


You may want to look for patterns for "Venetian square" as this is a variation of that.  

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