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Scavenger Hunt 2014--We're Hunting!

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(okay this is the 3rd try to post this!!keeps bumping me off :(  )


Thank you Jessicali, received my package today


She sent


a crocheted owl keychain, and an owl eraser

palm tree swizzle sticks

crocheted coasters

hand written recipe for Homemade Lemonade (Pioneer Woman's)

2 skeins of Lavender yarn

June Gilbank pattern for amigurimi balloons

brochures to Blue Springs Missouri and Dolly Parten's Dixie Stampede

a school graduation program

a p*o*k*e*r chip  

a crocheted bookmark, looks like a turtle (cute)

and some cute handmade santa penguin earrings (they seem to be made from glass)

The postcard she said is coming separately, didn't come today will check tomorrow








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So glad you received it!! I got the post card back today.. I messed up your zip code I'll get it in the mail again tomorrow. I did send it off Monday when your box went out though.. Next time, everything will go IN the box lol. I just thought it would be neat to get it post marked =/


And yes, that is a turtle bookmark!!

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I received my package from Becky on Saturday but wasn't able to post then! My internet has been messing up on me lately & yesterday I was gone ALL.DAY.LONG. visiting family from out of town!! 


Thank you SO  MUCH Becky for the package!! You did an awesome job [as always] and I loved everything!! I do have to say, my favorite was the adorable little doll you made!! 


I received the following; 


  • Crochet Owl
  • Package of Flamingo Swizzle Sticks [Which Rosalie seems to think are toys! Ha!]
  • 5 Crochet Watermelon Coasters
  • Handwritten recipe for Fruit Coolers
  • Oregon Silver Falls postcard
  • Red Heart Spring Green, Red Heart Petal Pink, Red Heart Lavender, Sugar & Cream Cotton - Azalea & Pandy
  • Printed pattern of Chameleon Hat - May Flowers
  • Free Brochures for Detroit Lake and Big Cliff Lake Dam & Sisters Country
  • Warner Pacific College Commencement Program
  • Crochet Washcloth in Swimming Pool, Yellow & White.
  • 2 cent Euro
  • Cookie Cutters shaped as Lips, Mustache & glasses (SUPER CUTE!!!)
  • A P*O*K*E*R Chip
  • Crochet Dachshund Bookmarks (3)
  • Fortune Cookie Fortune
  • American Flag Printed Flag
  • Absolutely adorable Crochet Doll Ami
  • Bubbles
  • Pack of Coffee Rio Candies
  • Card
  • Pack of Cosmos Creations Baked Corn [Caramel Flavored] SO GOOD!
  • Silly Straws
  • Ring Pops
  • Ice Pops
  • Jungle Shrink Art
  • Suncatchers & suncatcher Paint
  • Bubbles
  • TONS of books that my boys LOVE!!

And for the pictures.


post-46820-0-62490300-1402926418_thumb.jpg              post-46820-0-41524300-1402926822_thumb.jpg

post-46820-0-47315200-1402926859_thumb.jpg          post-46820-0-66177800-1402926978_thumb.jpg

post-46820-0-56324200-1402927009_thumb.jpg          post-46820-0-58427300-1402927042_thumb.jpg

post-46820-0-71185400-1402927065_thumb.jpg          post-46820-0-46732300-1402927093_thumb.jpg

post-46820-0-62846000-1402927121_thumb.jpg          post-46820-0-95373100-1402927142_thumb.jpg


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Wow, awesome packages!  You all outdid yourselves! Thank you all so much for a worry-free swap, and I hope you had fun scavenging for some slightly weird objects.


And beckyb, you found the most objects of everyone, so you win a special prize!

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Hi there!! Sorry I've been mia awhile, my daughter came down from Seattle and stayed with us for 2 weeks (for my birthday), she took the train home yesterday :(  , I haven't been to the PO since tuesday, will check tomorrow, Jessicali.  Glad you like all the goodies. The p o k e r chip and euro cent, my friend found for me at the estate sale she was helping with, that's also where I got all the books, (my friend also got the program for me too, she was a big help). The fan was actually the toughest thing for me to find and found it at the party store.


Woo Hoo, thank you Desertcrocheter, some of the items where definately a challenge ;)

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Jessicali, still haven't seen the postcard :(


Desertcrocheter, thank you so much for the Fortune Cookie Purse, so awesome!!!



post-28494-0-01888000-1403656089_thumb.jpg  post-28494-0-94052900-1403656150_thumb.jpg





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Glad you liked it, Becky. I searched through all my Interweave Crochets for an idea, and thought, well, fortune cookie fortune is on the list, so Fortune Cookie Bag it is! It's actually a good size for a tween or teen girl, too, and was very easy and fast to crochet, so I recommend the pattern highly.

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The prize yarn arrived. It is a very pretty color. Trying to decide what to use it for. Thank you very much. ANkh

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