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2 New Bunny Softies

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I put these in the mail yesterday to my 2 grt GD's for Easter.

The lavender Sleeping Baby Sheep is from HarugurumiI didn't have any white fuzzy yarn so I used Fun Fur and Simply
Soft together, 1 strand each.

The off white Bunny is from Craftbelle. My thanks to both for such quick and easy patterns that I needed in a pinch. If you haven't already, you just might want to look around their blogs.

The pink bunny dress and headband were made up as I went along.

Happy Easter all!


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Thank you all for your kind compliments. The grt granddaughters liked them very much but they were overshadowed by way too many battery operated bunnies and teddy bears. I was shocked seeing a photo of how much my daughter and grand-daughter bought these two little ones- a long table was covered in toys and Easter baskets. 

After looking again at my photo, I am not real pleased with the face of the rabbit. It does not have the cute quality I was going for. Maybe another time since my embroidery skills are a bit on the rusty side.

One great thing from all this; my grand daughter requested a summer dress in cotton just like the bunny's for the 1 year old. :)  

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