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embroidered apron for self Proclaimed cupcake Queen.....


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Hi . Embroidered this in just 3 or 4 days,w orking on and off, it wasn't color coded (the cross stitches) and they were tiny, but it was fun, and a learning experience!! Will give it to my dd, a self proclaimed cupcake queen, who just moved into a beautiful new apt with hubby, as a apt warming gift, along with a couple of ove gloves, some cake flour, and cake sprinkle dec. and a new cupcake tin to bake them in, and anything else I can find related to that theme,lol.....



Hope you like it, don't look too closely, haven't laundered it yet, but pressed it a bit to take the pic, here goes........My somewhat rusty skills at embroidery...I would like to add some eyelet lace around the top binding, above the cup cakes, and maybe put initials on it somewhere as well!




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