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Introducing myself

Marge Feinn

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Hi Folks, just wanted to thank you for letting me join such a talented and inspiring group! I'm mid 50's gal with lots of crochet and knitting experience. I prefer crochet tho. I've been crocheting and knitting since i was 9, a kind and generous with her time & patience, older British woman in her 70's taught me well. I was knitting and crocheting with Balene hooks. ( I miss them!) anyhow, I love to create, design and change out old patterns to create a newer updated feel esp. in apparel, but love the old vintage doilies and bonnets for babies.


My wip now is a queen size ripple ghan done in panels and will be modified with some 12" squares up the middle cuz my 14 yr old daughter likes a custom designed blanket. arghhhhhhh..... lol!


  Just finished an angel dress with wings and halo for a porcelin doll. Very pretty i think. One of my friends who also crochets commented i should try to sell them at craft fairs. If i could find the porcelin doll heads with arms i might consider that idea, i live in rural upper NH and we don't have Michaels or Joanns or Hobby Lobby... waaaaaaa! lol! We have Wally world but not many good yarn supply stores around unless you drive an hour or so up the road a piece to get much needed supplies. 


Some of you ladies or gents may know me from yahoo group: knittingmadeeasy4u. I havent been very active on that group for awhile now, due to lack of access to puter.  


Anyway, gotta run and get some errands done. ttyl.  Marge in NH.

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