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Apr 2014 CAL: Leigh Mesh Top by Jenny King (official)


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Crochetville's April Crochet-Along (CAL) features an exclusive new design from Australian designer Jenny King, the Leigh Mesh Top. This CAL will officially run through May 31.

Leigh (1).jpg   Leigh (2).jpg  


CAL Kit is available from Creative Yarn Source for only $26.90 plus shipping


  • Pattern is available EXCLUSIVELY in this kit
  • International shipping available


Leigh (3).jpg   Leigh (4).JPG   Leigh (5).jpg



The pattern features sizes S - XL, to fit busts from 32" to 44". If you'd like a larger size, please see the Notes at the bottom of this post.


The pattern requires 4 balls of Omega Isuela yarn and a size G/4.0mm hook. Here is a color card so you can start thinking about your color choice:





Note for larger sizes: You may be able to adapt this pattern for larger sizes. The front and back pieces for each size start with 10 more chains than the previous size. You can add multiples of 10 to your beginning chain: each multiple will add an extra 2" width to the garment.

We have not made this garment in larger sizes. If you size up and follow the pattern exactly as written, you may find that the neck opening is too large. If that is the case, you can simply add a few more decrease rows, until you end up with a neck opening size that works for you. This will add a little extra length to the garment.


If the length ends up being too long, you could pull out the decrease rows, pull out as many of the full width rows as necessary to result in the length you want, then do the decrease rows over again.


If added decrease rows made the armholes too large, you could make adjustments. Decrease rows eliminate 1 V-stitch on each side. You could decrease by 2 V-stitches on as many rows as necessary, which may reduce the number of decrease rows you need so as not to result in any extra length.


When adapting patterns for special fit issues (smaller or larger size than given in pattern, the need to accommodate a large bust, the need to add length if you're long-waisted, etc.), it's important to realize that there may be a bit of experimentation needed, which means willingness to rip out and repeat until you find a solution that works. I'll be happy to offer suggestions during the CAL, but I may not have answers that will be guaranteed to work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Back Piece:


1. Corrected stitch counts:


Rows 30-46: 21, 23, 25, 27


Row 47: 17, 19, 21, 23


Row 48: 13, 15, 17, 19


Row 49: 9, 11, 13, 15



Left Back:


Row 31 - 45 as Row 2 should read Rows 31 - 46.



Left Front Piece:


1. Missing Rows 28-46: Same as Rows 28-46 on right front piece (just work V st all the way across, no increasing or decreasing)

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Darlene and Melissa, what color did you get? I ordered turquoise.

So did I...:) turquoise is my favorite color, in fact I have a turquoise, white and teal afghan started that I'm working on.

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I got notice that mine shipped this morning as well but I just checked and I did get the pattern....it was attatched to the payment received email

I didn't get my payment received email either from Mona. I got the receipt from PayPal is all. And I checked my spam folder and trash folder too just in case I deleted it accidently, and it isn't there either.

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Darlene, I'll ask Mona to check and see. One of us will get your pattern to you.

Thanks, I got it from both of you, Mona sent a copy of the email she sent I don't have any idea where the first one went. This is the first time I've had trouble getting anything from her, she is in my address book so she shouldn't go to spam, but I always check just in case.

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I have my kit, too. I will try to start a bit tomorrow, but I've got to get our taxes, plus our son's and daughter's, done before I leave for Stitches South on Friday.

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Ok, I've run into a mistake in the pattern, armhole shaping rows 27, 28, 29, and 30 you increase one V stitch at the beginning of the row, then on row 31 it says you should have 2 more V stitches than the original....19, 21, 23, 25...I'm doing the medium size which would be 21, I have 23. I even took it out once thing I had read it wrong but still had the same. So you increase 4 not 2.

Picture of the back done to row 30

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I finished the back and found another numbering error, it says to repeat row 2 from row 31 through 45, then start the shoulder shaping at row 47, since the next row is 46 that's where I started the shaping and ended with 48 rows rather thsn 49. Here is a pic of the back.


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