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I need some help on granny squares


Okay, so, I have a project in mind but I'm unsure how to complete a bit of it. I'm a bit of a novice. I want to make a heart, using granny squares, that is about 2 squares high by 2 squares wide. I understand how to make the bottom half with 2 squares of a two colored diagonal, black and red. The top half is where I'm stuck.


How would I make the curved top half using 2 colors?


Please help <3

Thank you <3

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Most heart patterns that I've seen with granny squares or motifs use 1 tipped on the diagonal (so, a corner is the bottom of the heart) and some sort of curved, shell-stitch edging pattern for the top 2 lobes.  I suppose you could use 4 littles squares instead of 1 big one.


Here's some free patterns to give you an idea to tinker with:








granny-ish content but not starting with squares:




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What if your top two squares started out as circles?  You'd have to do your color change for the tops kind of on-the-fly, because you'd only need the outside corners on the top a very small portion of the inside top corners to be the different color... I don't know how helpful that is since I can't direct you to an actual pattern... good luck, and please post a picture if you get it figured out!!  I love looking at how others' inspiration turns into awesomeness... :hug

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