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Giving Artfully: Charity Crafting Website

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We just launched an updated and improved version of Giving Artfully (www.givingartfully.com).  Giving Artfully is a web platform with a mission to connect crafters to the crafting needs of community organizations. Whether you like to knit, crochet, sew or scrapbook; our goal is to make the charity crafting process simpler.


At Giving Artfully, we aspire to make the volunteering process simpler by:

  • Allowing crafters to easily and efficiently browse volunteering opportunities that fit their skill set thus avoiding the need to visit many separate websites
  • Finding all essential information and requirements for donating (i.e. pattern, yarn/thread type, etc.)
  • Providing the ability to commit to donating on the website
  • We also aim to be another alternative for community organizations to procure the handcrafted goods they need.


Since the launch of Giving Artfully’s website in January 2013 we’ve had:

  • 2400+ committed donations
  • 80+ charity crafting projects
  • Over 100 charity crafters from 30+ states and Australia

I'm so excited to share this new version of Giving Artfully. I truly believe it can take charity crafting to the next level!


Please stop www.givingartfully.com and let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback!


~ Sitinee

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