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Tapestry crochet sources

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Hi everyone!


I really enjoy working this technique, and here is my list of actual resources:


  • 'More tapestry crochet' by Carol Ventura
  • 'New directions in crochet' by Anne Rabun Ough
  • 'Mon Tricot 1100 Knitting and crochet stitches' -->ordered today
  • 'Jacquard crochet' -->ordered today, in French language

Are there other good resources for this technique?

French and Spanish languages are welcome. :tup


God bless us all. :manyheart

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Dear magiccrochetfan,

I know about the work and art of Carol Ventura, that is why I had one of her books.

I also bought some of her patterns.


But I would like to widen my point of view about this technique. :U

I know that there are more ways of working tapestry crochet.

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