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Sponsors: Post Your Prizes Here

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We are seeking sponsors who would like to donate prizes for the 2014 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece. If you would like to donate a prize, please post in this thread and let us know about what you'd like to donate. Please include the following information:


Your Name:


Your Business Name:


Link to Your Website:


Retail Value of Prize:


Description of Prize:


Photo of Prize (if possible)

Any Shipping Restrictions:



Note to Participants: Please remember that international shipping is very expensive these days and many prizes may be donated by very small businesses. Some of these businesses may not be able to afford international shipping of physical products. We hope there will be a number of digital prizes that will be open to all participants regardless of location.



For more information about the Crochetville's 2012 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece, please see the General Rules and Information.

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