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Made with Red Hart super saver yarn in Amethyst and Grape fizz,

using a Pattern of 8 Grape fizz rows followed by 16 Amethyst rows repeated 6 times stitch is a variation of a Waffle stitch using a half-treble stitches instead of double stitches.

(I'm not sure how anyone else does this stitch but this is what I find works best.)

The waffle is two stitches wide. and the full scarf is stitches wide. 






Wash with jeans in normal detergent(jean material helps rub against the yarn distressing it without ruining it, I use arm and hammer detergent, eco friendly soaps {especially ones for cloth diapers work well also}) Dry on medium heat with dryer sheets or Balls (instructions to make these are on pintrest) half way through cycle pull scarf out and spritz with Wrinkle releaser (Critical step this relaxes the fibers and help to soften them)



this was a lot of fun to make and the wrapping and stitch makes it super warm and comfy



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Very Nice scarf.


I find that the RHSS yarns that were made in the last few years to be rough and difficult to soften, even with fabric softener. it all went for donation. The yarn I have purchased in less than a year is much softer and easier on the hands. They must have had something going on at their outsource. Much better now. I now check manufacture dates to make sure it is recently made yarn.

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