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Chat with Crochet Designers Vashti Braha and Doris Chan, 1/10/14

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Here is a sneak peek at the official transcript from Crochetville’s live chat with crochet designers Vashti Braha and Doris Chan that took place on our Facebook page on Friday, January 10, 2014. They joined us for a talk about their wonderful new yarn, Lotus, designed by crocheters with the special needs of crocheters in mind. We had so many questions that I’ve had to divide this blog post up into multiple parts.


Links to all the parts can be found at the end of this post.




(Note: Text appears as it was entered during the live chat.)


We hope you’ll join us on our Facebook page for future chats with more of your favorite crochet designers.


To see the full chat transcript, please visit the Crochetville blog: Transcript of Live Chat with Crochet Designers Vashti Braha and Doris Chan, Part 1 of 3


Amy: Okay, my clock says it’s 1:00 PM Eastern, so let’s get started.


Welcome to the chat everyone, especially our fabulous guests, crochet designers Vashti Braha and Doris Chan.


They’re with us today to talk about their brand-new Lotus yarn, although I’m sure they’ll also answer other questions.


To keep us organized, post a ! whenever you have a question. I’ll keep track of the order in which people post, and then call on you in turn.


First up is Karen Ballard. Karen, what is your question?


Karen: Can Doris/Vashti tell us how Lotus got its name?


Vashti: I ship out all the Lotus from my warehouse, and I’m seeing a lot of TEAL and GRENADINE orders!!


Doris: Hey!  We both are beside ourselves with this new yarn, Lotus.


It’s about Vashti’s laid-back view of the world.


Zen.  OOOHM.


Vashti: Hi Karen! OK, well, it has some lovely childhood associations for me, combined with the properties of the yarn itself.


The properties being that it has a luster, and the colors are fresh like the lotus scent.


Luciucantsayit: OOhhh!   More yarn!


Vashti: And it has a lovely drape. The lotus flower is just so beautiful. I could go on.


Links to Other Parts of Chat Transcript:


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


About Vashti Braha




Vashti’s name may be familiar to you. Her crochet designs have been published in magazines and books since 2004, including Interweave Crochet, Crochet!, Crochet Today, Knit.1 . . . and have been seen in other popular publications and websites.


You can find Vashti on the internet in the following places:


Her Designing Vashti website


Her blog


Her Facebook page


Vashti’s Crochet Lounge on Ravelry




About Doris Chan


Doris Chan is world-renowned for gorgeous, lacy crochet garments featuring top-down seamless construction. Her designs have also been published in Interweave Crochet, Crochet!, Crochet Today, Vogue Knitting, KnitScene, and Crochet World magazines. Many yarn companies have published her designs including Tahki Stacy Charles, Caron International, and Coats & Clark. Doris has also published 4 books of garment patterns with Potter Craft.
You can find Doris on the internet in the following places:
Her blog

Her Doris Chan Crochet group on Ravelry


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