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Greetings from Long Island, New York


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Well, I'm sixty-ish and retired...I live in Ridge, Long Island, NY..I have 3 grown kids on their own and 2 grandchildren and a dog named Emily...I love to crochet, read and go to the dog park...my life is busier now that I'm retired than it has ever been!...And, I'm loving it!


I've been crocheting for about 50 years now...Geez!...that sounds like such a long time!...After my grandaughter was born I started designing dolls that she asked for.  The family was so encouraging about what I was doing I decided to open a store and sell them.

It's all so new right now but I love making the dolls and childrens' attire also.


I'll be taking the class that is being offered also to learn more about running my business...what a wonderful opportunity...

Well, I can chat forever but I hope I'm glad to be part of this community and hope I can contribute often...


My friends all call me Aggie, so hello friends and thanks for having me!

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Welcome Aggie.  I am also new to this site, but I've already found it to be very helpful.  My children (ages ranging from 29 to 53) are telling me that I should make items and sell them on poshmark.com.  There is one little problem; that site isn't compatible with my Android phone.  But, that's okay, because my son, who lives at home, is going to switch wireless providers this month, and I'll be getting a phone that I can use for that site.  Anyway, good luck with your business.

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