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Found.....Pattern Testers for Crochet Wrap/Shawl

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I have been crocheting since High School and Love To Crochet! I am an intermediate and can read patterns from start to finish. I have done such stitches as Broomstick Lace, Afghan Stitch, Basket Weave, whatever the stitch is I can do it! I have been forced to medically retire so have more time to get serious about my crochet.So your project of a Crochet Wrap/Shawl to be done in a week is no problem. My Family say that I have given away my talent for far too long and it is time for me to get busy and get out there in the Crochet World. I have found out I am normal, with all this yarn around me, and my ability to do different projects all at one time, I thought I was the only one, but after reading blogs and other stories, I find I am not alone! Thanks for letting me share my story, hope to hear from you soon, Lucinda Benoit




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