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Zhaylin Black

My first "poncho"

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Whew... I think I've been working on this thing forever (at least 3 months).

But I'm not sure if it's really a poncho.  In some ways, it's more like a cape.  But the thing that describes it best is the Snuggie  :lol


I've not figured out how to attach the hood yet.  My hubby says it completes the poncho and looks sort of Druidic :)

The poncho itself goes down to right above my ankles.


With the temps being what they have been these last couple of days, I've been wearing it in the house and even sleeping in it.  It's very warm.

I also wore it out and about one night when I went shopping and I realized then that it is extremely flawed.  The back is heavy, so it pulls my neck line.  And it's too tight around my arms (more like a ... grrr, what's it called?!  a capelet.).  It's also open in front.  I was wanting to add buttons but then there's an annoying gap from the "capelet" to the lower part.

A belt of some sort would probably be sufficent (sp!) to keep it closed.  I'll definitely play around with making something smaller until I find something I like.


I am still very proud of myself for having finished it at all lol







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Thanks :)  The color is "Fall" from Red Heart.  It used to be my favorite but I'm sick of looking at it after that project  :lol

The stitch is just a ridged ripple.  


Part of me wants to just undo the seam for the neck and then use it as a proper blanket... which is what it actually is if I'm to be honest  :P

But it is nice wearing it around the house in this weather.

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Very nice.

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Thank you.  It's my pride and joy.

I have a bad back so I sleep on a wide wooden desk.  Most of the blankets I crochet are a tad wider than that.  They'd qualify more as long-ish throws than afghans.

My poncho is wider and longer than any throw I've ever made  :lol

I wish I had taken the measurements.  Proper ponchos look like they're squared.  Mine turned out more a bit more rectangular.  It was at least 5 feet 2 inches long and (having now just measured myself lol) 55-60 inches wide.  Huh.  just googled the inches.  It seems more square than it looks in person.  :P


I may attempt another one in the future, but it will be MUCH smaller  :D

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If you like them that big, you might think about a ruana style for your next one.  It's sort of a rectangle, with a slit from the middle edge of a short side to the middle of the blanket (so the shape is very easy).  The slit is the front opening.  Thre are a lot of options for wearing it.


Here's some free patterns - the white one has a schematic.  The 46" is arm to arm -you can make this wider if you want, same with the 60" length, which is really 30" from your head.



Not crochet, but this is cool as it shows you different ways to wear it (plus, the colors!)


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