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Stumbling around gals, does anyone know where I might find

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or even a partial listing of my old favorite Crochet World magazine?  I grew up with this mag, and have many issues, would love to find out whether or not I have missed some along the way.  The Specials, the Omnibooks etc., makes me very nostalgic, and am hoping someone can help.

Also does anyone know how long Annie's Quick and Easy Crochet mag was in publication?  or is it still going strong?  How would I find that info?

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I would like this info too! Crochet World is my #1 favourite magazine and I've been finding old issues here and there at flea markets and whatnot. I want to collect them all and would love a complete list so that I know what I need. I actually tried emailing them and they told me no such list exists! I have a hard time believing they have no record at all of everything they've published. That doesn't seem right for such a business. Plus I know they re-publish old patterns in new issues now and then. So irritating!

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