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Beanie keeps turning into bucket hat...



So I have tried several times to make a beanie. Out of the 4 I have made, one has turned out looking like an actual beanie. The other two ending up looking like buckets ( one I actually turned into a purse with a strap lol)  on my head due to being to big and very loose. The one I made last night for my 7 month old daughter fits, but seems a little big on her as well.  I can't seem to figure our what I am doing wrong. I like them to be tight on my head and to form to the shape of my head as well. I seem to be a tight crocheter and and trying my hardest to be a little looser with my stitches. 


Does anyone have any tips to help me get a tight fitting beanie?




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Thanks! I think Im starting to get it, I hope lol. I think I just need to try different hook sizes to find the right fit for me :)

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