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Getting Started on Gifts for 2014

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How funny, as I'm gathering patterns I'm already contemplating next years gifts.  I have a Roebuck the Naughty Reindeer made but I'm not stuffing him until just before next Christmas so he's easier to

Of course! This is the site where I found a bunch of different links to tutorials on different types of joining.  http://www.knotyournanascrochet.com/2013/04/10-different-ways-to-join-granny-squares.h

Well, Christmas 2013 :ctreeis in 2 days, Hannukah and Winter Solstice :flakehave come and gone...so...it's time to start thinking about and working on gifts for 2014!   I operate by the seat of

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I have decided to make infinity accent scarves for the women in the IB office at my son's high school.

My son graduates this year and these ladies have been wonderful in helping all of us get through the grind of the International Baccalaureate program.

I ordered Alpaca yarn today - since my son's service project involves Alpacas and collecting their fleece to send to Peru for it to be processed into yarn and other goods to benefit the people in need there. (unfortunately the Alpaca farm where he will volunteer does not sell  yarn).

So - add 4 scarves to my list of gifts for 2014. 

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Welcome to the group here, Debbie! That is some list you have!!

Thank you...And it is, but it will feel good to cross off finished projects...Now I'll definitly have a reason for another tote...



Looks like you got a good start on your list.

I think I do..Now to just get to it...


Hope everyone's day is going good..I got my dishes done, need to vaccum the house again and make laundry soap..Finish a couple other projects, then crochet,crochet,crochet....

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Hi everyone how are the gifts coming?  I'm in a good slot making doll clothes right now for Christmas donation so I haven't shifted to gifts for family yet.  I do know I'm going to have to move to ami's in February to finish off the Easter ami's I need.  I made a few after Easter last year to put away while I was still in the ami mode.  However, I'm going to need a few more to finish out the baskets.


For now I thought I'd share the St. Patick's outfit I finished for the donation doll.  She wasn't everything I hoped for, but I think she still makes a fun outfit for some little girl who will get her for Christmas to have as one of the holiday outfits.


American Girl Emerald Isle

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I want to join for this year!  Last year I was so busy with other things I didn't do a single hand made gift!!!  This year I plan to make up for it.  OK, on to my list!


Mom = Infinity scarf


Husband - Dale = Grinch hat(he has been asking for this for years!)



Sabrina = afghan?  

Cleo = slouch hat, scarf, & fingerless gloves

Bethany = slouch hat & scarf



Travis = beanie

Jeremy = afghan?

Sawyer = hat, gloves, scarf


Granddaughter - Maraya = toddler afghan or doll



Brennan = toddler afghan

Colton = toddler afghan

Kalex = toddler afghan

Sebastian = toddler afghan



Melissa = scarf

Kimberly = tote bag or scarf

Carrie = scarf


Niece - Patricia = slouch hat, scarf, fingerless gloves



Matthew = afghan in school colors

Charles = beanie


Great Nephews:

Karsen = hat

Owen = toddler afghan



Cheryl = scarf?

Tim = afghan?  

Taylor = slouch hat?  scarf?



Cecil & Pam = ???

Timothy & Georgia = ???  

J.B, = ???


Pastor & wife = ???

Various teachers and others = ???

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I find that for the most part the 18" dolls are fairly standard.  There are some variations, but I find it fairly easy to adapt between the 18" Springfields, AG's and the Target dolls that have been the doll's I've needed to create wardrobes for to send gifts or to donate.  The sizes are different, but close enough that you can get the outfits to fit with a few adjustments.


However, the baby doll market is a whole other world.  A 12 or 15" doll is not a 12 or 15" doll it is a whole interesting idea of what the doll is made of and how big the limbs are when you are buying or using free patterns and trying to make the clothes fit.  I very much appreciate it when they list the measurements of the doll it was designed to fit or at least the name of the doll so I have some hope of tracking it down to get an idea of what I'm working with before I start.


The free pattern I used for this project was great because you can tell right from the beginning if it will fit the doll and adjust your size right away if you need to to fit the body of the doll you have.


15" Sundress for Soft Bodied Mary Maxim Doll

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Snowing heavily here this morning.  Supposed to keep going until this evening.  Good reading and crocheting weather.


Discovered the yarn I bought and the yarn I thought would work for my Crochet Olympics project isn't working.  The hat I tried making is a bit smaller than anticipated.  I think I may end up having to change projects as the odds of my getting bulky yarn between now and the start date are not good.


I posted another finished doll item, but was frustrated that the free doll sweater pattern had disappeared.


American Girl Mock Turtleneck and Pants

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I'm working on an afghan for DIL--making pretty good progress, but getting side tracked some. I just ordered some Red Heart Reflective yarn that will become hats for 3 or 4 on the list.


1st DIL--hat & scarf, shawl (next year)

2nd DIL--Marcelle afghan, hat and scarf, tree skirt

1st son--hat, toy grenade

2nd son-- hat, toy grenade

GD--sweater, blanket, dog

friend--hat, Oasis shawl, afghan (next year)

DH--hat, toy grenade

cousin--Oasis shawl

stepmother--Oasis shawl

4 stepnephews--toy grenades


The good news is that except for one shawl, blanket and afghan, these are all small or fast projects!

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Snowing! My flight home will probably be cancelled. I am safe ans warm with my cousins but wish I were on my way home. I started a scrap/stash busting shawl and i want to finish it before the crochet olympics start.

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Bailey, I've got a snow day too! Seemed like a good day to get myself organized and do some baking. So far I'm still in my pjs, under a blanket and on Crochetville! :lol


I decided to take advantage of the motivation the Olympics and put some gifts on my project list. Going to try to tackle some slippers and a cowl. Cowl will be easy but I hope I don't run out of yarn. It's some scrap that was a hand-me-down and you never know how far that stuff will stretch. I think I'm going to try to pair it with another color so I don't run out halfway through the pattern. Should be very pretty.


Welcome to Mona and Christie!!!

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I find feta going to be a bit of a challenge and usually are pretty good at it....though there are times I revert to cutting the rest of it off...lol!

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I tried doubling the yarn and it still isn't working.  However, I had a skein of Herschenerr's Chunky that I picked up at a craft sale for $.50 and that does seem to make gauge.  Of course it isn't enough to complete the project, but at least I know what I'm looking for in terms of weight.

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Easter isn't coming unitl April this year, so it gives me some time to wait to switch back to ami's.  I have two I made last year after Easter and stored for this Easter.  I need at least two more.  However, I think if I wait until March I should be able to finish without any problem.    I'm also planning on doing the ami swap, so that will be a shift of focus.  I find once I start doing ami's I tend to lose my focus on doll's clothes, so I'm trying to get as many doll clothes finished for my Christmas donation as possible.


I finally finished and posted a  5" doll kit I purchased last year.  The doll still needs some clothes, but I'll get to that before she heads off to her new home.


Moses Basket for 5" Doll

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Bailey, that is so cute! And thank you for the link to the pattern. I never think ahead like that - buying something on sale to be ready for the next holiday is really something I should try.

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I found a pattern for a houndstooth check scarf and glove set. The gloves are storebought and have a cuff

crocheted onto them.

I will make two sets for my nieces for Christmas.

After imake the Alpaca scarves for the ladies at my son's school.

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Back from my Birthday weekend at Disney.

I wore my "Belle" headband and purse that I made earlier.

I got many compliments on it. It feels so good to have people appreciate our work doesn't it?

Now I need to get busy on the Alpaca scarves.

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