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Hunting for poinsettia potholder pattern


I have been wracking my brain these last few weeks trying to remember the source for my favorite poinsettia potholder pattern.  Here is the last one I made:




It is actually red; I don't know why the scanner turned it orange.  The pattern was in a thick softcover book, McCall's I believe.  Seems like it was a knit/crochet book.  The pattern was also later published in one of their other books or magazines.  You would think I would have a dozen working copies of the pattern, since the book was literally falling apart from use, but that was in the days before copiers/printers were in just about every home.  Probably the 1980s.


I'm hoping somebody here has a long memory for crochet patterns!


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I think I know the one you mean. There is a McCall's Christmas Knit and Crochet vol. 2 1980 for sale on ebay. The sellers store is called Tricia's Vintage Patterns. The magazine has a red afghan with white snowflakes on the cover. She has plenty of pictures and there is one of the potholder. This pattern was also in McCall's Big Book of Christmas Knit and Crochet.

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