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An introduction


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Hello :)


My name is Silvia and i'm from the Netherlands, I learned myself to crochet about 3 years ago now and ever since i'm crocheting everyday, right now i'm working on giving my family all a handmade present for christmas, I have to hurry, because I still need 3 people! Haha ;) 

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Hello!  My name is Susan. I live in Ann Arbor MI --- Go BLUE!

I've been crocheting since I was 14 & had to teach myself as there were no books, etc to teach a lefty like myself. I used a mirror and right-handers instruction book:) 


I now create and sell my 'creations' on Etsy and in my church. A portion of what I earn goes to our Children's ministry called "Potters Playdough".  The kids are amazing & are always coming up with a new character to make hats about. I make just about every character you can come up with & I LOVE it.


I also make baby layettes, Christening/Dedication Sets, scarves, sweaters etc....


I hope to contribute and learn from this new group I've often visited.

*The photo is of myself with 2 of my 7 grandchildren; Alysa (6) and Rj (11) wearing some fun hats:)


God bless you all!

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