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Help making bag pattern smaller?



I am wanting to make a bag and I found this pattern:http://www.simplicity.com/t-free-crochet-project-casual-shoulder-bag.aspx

But the only problem is it is bigger than I would like. So I was wondering if it would be possible to make the bag about the size of a normal piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11")? I am new to crochet so I don't know how to do this (if it is even possible!). Thanks for all answers!!!!

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Hi from a fellow Missourian!  I live in the central part of the state.  


OK, the pattern says the bag will be about 12 by 11.  You repeat rounds 4 and 5 until it is 10" tall, then add 2 more rows, so the height must be about 11" and the width about 12".  You can easily make it shorter by just stopping the repeats of round 4-5 when it is an inch shorter than you want it, then add the final 2 rounds.  


to make it less wide, you will need to make a swatch  and measure a 4" section to see how many stitches you have in an inch.  then subtract enough stitches from the patter's number of beginning stitches to make it as wide as you want it.  


In this case you are making a chain and working around both sides of it to start the bottom of the bag.  


did you notice they include several sizes that don't make sense at all?  must have crept in from a slipper pattern lol

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I didn't know Simplicity offered crochet patterns, interesting. 


The only thing I'd add to what Magiccrochetfan said-- this pattern has a set number of stitches for a pattern repeat, so you may not get it exactly 8.5 inches wide, but within a shell stitch of that width.  I'm fairly sure you will have to chain a multiple of 3 stitches.

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