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keeping busy with yarn....

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im back! :ty

I haven't posted here ina  while, just happened upon this thread again, and it inspires me!!! i must do some more squares, and show them to you, lol, I think i am coming out of my slump and will do some squares tomorrow, i have some more balls to work with, he he he.... I added to the ball bin just today, winding up some really sparse skeins, and a couple that were so tangled, rfrom the inside yet, sooo they came that way, but i worked with them dutfully, never giving up, telling myself, im smarter than that know, for sure, well, most of the time, lol and about 45 minutes with one skein, we had our ball! That ws the only one that was that way, but now, it's straightened out, and im sure feels much better all neated up inside and out, lol :yes


So i do have more balls to wok with, i like that off white square in the pic,  i like that design, haven't done any like that for a while, sooooooo gives me a stating point at least!!  :clap


ok well, glad i found this thread, and will continue to browse for even more inspiration, hope the pics help oyou plan a decide your next endeavor, well, ill be back again soon, keep hookiin, and work on those balls ladies, they have waited long enough,right!!

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Glad this got bumped up. I was wondering about those poor abandoned orphan squares. I know someone that works for SPS (square protective services) girl. Be on your toes and be nice to them. hee hee hee

(Actually, I can't wait to see what you do next cuz your squares are so pretty!)

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