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Sweet Magnolias



Does anyone know of a source, other than ebay, for this pattern? 394a4d9141d9c6b55ea67a19cde984fe.jpg

It is an Annies Attic pattern for sale at a very steep price on ebay. I've contacted Annie's with a requst to make it available as a downloadable pattern, but in the past, another request I made has gone without response.


Since moving to Atlanta, I've fallen in love with those goofy-looking magnolia blossoms that pop up everywhere in May. I've tried other crochet patterns for magnolias, and none have really  done the trick, but this one looks like it could. However, I don't want to spend upwards of $30 to find out for sure!


I think an afghan like this could bring in lots of bucks at our annual charity fund raiser.

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Thanks for the link. The first of the three patterns is more or less what I have in mind -- largely because it doesn't require making separate petals and fiddling with assembling them. I have even purchased a magnolia pattern I wasn't happy with. Definitely will try that one tonight. And I'm on my third improvised floral square afghans now, so that shouldn't be a problem.


If you go here:


You will find at least three patterns for magnolia blossoms, the rest of the blanket could be improvised, I'm sure

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Thanks, Reni. I also thought that looked like a pineapple square, and I have a pattern from that which I've used before. And, I think waysouth has provided me with the link to a good magnolia pattern (the one you found is  pretty,  but I hate sewing petals together over and over), which I will test out tonight as the next flower in the sampler I'm working on. Although the red background is dramatic, I think I'll use a softer color -- maybe a light green -- for the background. It should be fun.


Since I'm having to think (God forbid) to make this improvised sampler afghan, I was kind of thinking that following a pattern for a whole afghan might be relaxing for a change, but not at that price! That said, I was a little disappointed in the last sampler pattern I used, preferring what I'd put together myself.

Wow! That is a beautiful afghan.

Would a Magnolia flower pattern help to get you started? Then make a square starting on the back of the flower similar to the way a Irish Rose is made on a square?

And possibly use this Pineapple Afghan pattern for the squares.

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Oops, just realized the pattern at Crochet Patterns Central requires making petals separately, too. I've tried enlarging and peering at the Annie's Attic pattern, wondering if it's one piece, and I think it is, but can't tell for sure.There may be a way to create a one-piecer from the pix.

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