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Georgie Hanson

Crocheted and Knitted Knockers for Mastectomy Patients

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Many women cannot afford the upfront cost the government requires to get their mastectomy bra's, and when they do, a lot find them too heavy or uncomfortable to wear. Knitted and Crocheted Knockers is an alternative to this problem. This group is looking for men and women who love to knit or crochet to make knitted knockers for women who cannot wear or cannot afford traditional mastectomy bras. If you would like to help or would like one or a pair please join Knitted Knockers Knitting Circle for Mastectomy Patients on Facebook today and make someones day by giving them their breast(s) back and help put a smile on their face. I also have both patterns in .pdf file format for those wishing to create a crochet or knitting circle in their area for this purpose.

Thank you for hearing me out. I"m one of those women who could never wear the traditional mastectomy bra as it caused me too much pain, and there are hundreds of thousands of women just like me out there. I'm also terminal as it has now gone to my bones and brain. My goal in life now is to help other women going through what I endured these past seven years and to help make their transitions a lilttle easier than mine were.

God Bless you all, 


Please contact me at geohanson121@hotmail.com for the patterns. This is volunteer work, but most of the women will offer to pay shipping.




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