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Snowman Stockings

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Every year I make something to give out.  I give to the girls who take my blood and the girls who work in the Dr.'s Office, also I send something out with my Christmas cards.


Usually it is an angel, this year it is a snowman in a stocking.  The original pattern is made with ww yarn, I made them with size 10 thread and a size 5 hook. 


The pattern is in Crochetworld Dec 2012 page 24.


They can either be put on the tree, or worn as a pin.  The guys in the red stockings, have a piece of holly on the front and the ones in the green stockings, have a pointsetta on the front.


Oh yeah, there are 2 angels in the back I made also.  It seems that everytime I finish something on my list, I add something.




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Good Heavens, Mary Jo!!  Do you really crochet that fast?  (Or did you start last Christmas???) ;)   No matter--they are adorable!

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Thank you all.  No I did not start last year and just remember, I am retired with no little ones around, so I have all day to crochet if I want.


These are so fast and easy, it only takes at the most an hour.

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When I read you "make something to give out" I expected just a few funny snowmen. Then I scrolled down and saw the pics... WOW!!! Your "something" is sooo cute!

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These are very cute and your recipients will love them!   I work in a doctor's office and when we are given homemade items from patients we get all excited!  It just makes our day.  You are very special, plus you must crochet with lightning speed!

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