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I am a relatively new crocheter, most I learned from my Mom or on YouTube.  Early on I only wanted to crochet flowers.  Mostly because I could finish one in a short time giving me a sense of accomplishment. As time when on I began doing more complicated patterns and even created my own designs.


I am also a poet.  I write regular poetry but mostly write poems custom ordered for Special Occasions.  Ask me and I'll send you a link for some of my work. 


Anyway recently I began combining the two.  While I crochet I have a pad of paper handy to write down some of my random thoughts for a poem I am working on.  It's kinda similar to the prayer shawls I've read about.  That lead me to wonder what everyone else thinks about while they are crocheting.


So tell me what do you think about?  Is it sc 1 dc 2 etc or is there anything else going on there?

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Most often when crocheting I am listening to an audiobook. Sometimes I crochet while visiting and talking to friends and family or while watching tv. If none of these then my thoughts just wander around.

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My thoughts go to anything and everything lol. Usually, though not always, I have a tv show/movie on just to listen to, or I'll have music on. I tend to try to sort out any problems I might be dealing with at the time. The rhythmic process of crocheting is cathartic; it helps me calm my emotions and deal with things a bit easier. 

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