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Fundraising items for Compassionate Care Veternary Hospital Rescue Team

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HI my friends:


As many of you may know i have adopted Foxie my pom and Munchkin my mini poodle from Compassionate Care Veternary Hospital in Norwich NY, and well i want to gather crocheted toys, for cats or dogs, pet mats, blankets crocheted so that Dr. Mandrachia can sell these items to raise funds for the Animal Rescue Team  that brings to her all abused and puppy mill animals...


She treats these pets, and keeps them til she finds them homes...  She fixes them too, and she never asks for $$$ for her services but only for the rescue team that rescue these poor defenseless pets that have been abused, mistreated and even abonded by dumpsters, and even her clinic's door steps.


So please my friends if any of you can contribute crocheted toys, blankies, mats that they can sell to raise funds I would so much appreciate it..


Many of you helped me a few years back.. Since my stroke i cant do much i am too slow since the stroke..


I will be gathering items til November 15th  i will price everything for them and create baskets for the sale.. This way people can buy gifts/ stocking stuffers for thier pets or friends and family pets.. for Chirstmas..


If you want to help me send me a PM and i will give ya my mailing address..


I do hope you can help me out..

hugs and blessings

LIllibet  aka Moomooo

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