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Giveaway: Peruvian wool WINNER CHOSEN

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A friend has given me a "bundle" of yarn to give away.    (10 skeins / 109 yards each)


It is Peruvian Highland Wool from elann.com   color number 1300  (very light green, I think it is discontinued)




Let me know if you are interested and I will pick a random winner on Saturday (21st)







I asked the little guy next door to pick a name and the winner is CrochetKitten


PM sent for info....Thanks to all for entering


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very pretty color, and so generous of you, but alas, me is alergic to wool too, so sad, darn it!

It makes me itchy too!  :yes 


My friend Kathy was cleaning out her stash.   One of those items she bought a long time ago and lost the pattern she was going to use this for.   I've been there and completely understand.   She asked me to find a home for this and I told her I had the perfect place.....Crochetville!

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I'd love to be entered as well!  Wool doesn't bother me and this would make something warm & cozy!


Thanks for being so generous.  :-)

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