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After my mother passed away a couple of years ago, I got a few things that she had crocheted, including an afghan, scarf, hat and a hotpad. I really liked the hotpad, and it was looking well-used, so I finally sat down this morning and studied it, and then recreated it. I wrote down how I did it, but since I'm not sure if she got it from a book or what I can't publish it anywhere, so I just thought I'd show it off




On the right is the original one that I brought home and on the left is the one I did. Now, the other side of hers is solid white, but I made both of my motifs exactly the same.


I think I'll make some more, it's a really good stashbusting project.

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Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven't gotten back before now, got kind of busy.


I seem to have her knack for looking at things and figuring them out, or getting pretty darn close.


I'm attempting to recreate the large hexagon motif used in the afghan on the Wayne's World couch. I think I'm really close. Close enough that I'm going to try making an afghan with it. If anyone wants to know what I'm talking about, here's a link to an image of it.




See the afghan behind Garth? I love it and I want. I know I can't recreate it exactly, but I can recreate it in colors I have around the house.

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