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Nautilus Shawl with Red Heart Sashay ruffle yarn


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Here are two spiral circular shawls I've made with Red Heart Boutique Sashay. The pattern is available for sale here at Crochetville. Getting the spiral started can be a little confusing, so the pattern contains links to videos that show you how to get started, both right-hand and left-hand versions.


Here's the shawl made in the new Sashay Metallic, color Diamonds. I love this, because the sparkle goes all through the yarn.


Nautilus3.png   Nautilus1.png


Here's another I made from the original Sashay multicolor in Conga.


IMG_1533.JPG   IMG_1535.JPG


You can get different looks based on how much you fold the shawl. If you fold completely in half, you get a short version. If you barely fold over, it may come partway down your backside. Or you can fold anywhere in between to get it the length in back that you desire.

When I wear the Diamonds version along with my crocheted beaded crown in our conference booth, it feels like a royal cape a queen might wear!

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