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Japanese Crochet Books: Pre-Order Now


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Have you ever wanted some of the gorgeous Japanese crochet books for your crochet reference book library but have a hard time finding them? We're happy to let you know we've found a place where we can order them for you!

Due to the cost of importing, these books are more expensive than books published in the US. We'll be stocking some of the books in our booth at the CGOA Chain Link conference, but due to the cost, we won't have large quantities available.


We also know some of our members may want the books but aren't able to attend the conference. so we're going to take pre-orders for these books. You can order them now through September 14. I will place my order on September 14.

You can choose to pick your books up at the Chain Link Conference and incur no shipping costs or you can choose to have them shipped to you via Priority Mail. I will do my best to ship out all orders prior to leaving for the Chain Link conference. Any orders that cannot be shipped prior to that date will be shipped upon my return, on or prior to October 11.


Click here to order any of the books you see below.





























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Very nice!  I bet these will be a big hit at the K&C show!


People might be interested to know that the Crochet Motif Patterns by Nihon Vogue  (6th from bottom in the post) is continuous motifs, where you make what appear to be separate motifs but are actually made without cutting the yarn.   For the multicolored one on the cover, you do make the centers individually but then do the outer rounds continuously. It's a very interesting technique. K Omdahl's book Seamless Crochet is a version of the same continuous technique.  

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Kathy, that is one I do not have. Thanks for that information. Looks like that's one I'll be ordering for my personal reference library.

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