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Find a Roommate: Chain Link conference, Concord, NC; first week of October 2013

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Are you thinking about attending the CGOA Chain Link conference in October but you need a roommate to help cut down on costs? We are happy to help!


If you're looking for a roommate, post in this thread. Things you might want to mention:

  1. Arrival and departure dates
  2. How many you want to have in the room. Rooms typically have one king or two double beds plus a sleeper sofa.
  3. Any special needs, such as: non-smoker, non-pet household, non-snorer, etc.
  4. Preferred sleep schedule (early to bed and early to rise versus stay up all night chatting)

If you're flying in, be prepared that there is no free shuttle due to the distance from the airport. The cab ride can be expensive, so you may want to try to coordinate flight schedules with others so you can share rides back and forth from the airport to the hotel.


As a word of public safety to  protect you from spammers, don't post your email address in this thread. Instead, send a Private Message to anyone you're interested in talking with. Exchange your email addresses via PM.

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I'm looking for ride-sharing buddies.  I'll be arriving Tuesday evening at about 11 PM; flight home leaves Monday at 2 PM. 


PM me if you're interested!  :-)

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