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Help with Tunisian Crochet...is there a term for the technique I am using...



Hi!  I am working on my first tunisian crochet pattern and it is a bit fiddly to explain.  I am hoping one of you seasoned tunisian crocheters can put a name to what I am doing.


3 main things:  

  • is there a specific name for the row of chain-like stitches running up the beginning of each simple stitch row?
  • If I were to pull up a loop in the next vertical bar in the forward pass (so only one vertical bar) and then pull through both loops on my hook (like making a standard single crochet), what would I call that manoeuvre? 
  • is there a specific name for the vertical bar of the last stitch (so the left edge of my work)?  Or do I just call it the ending vertical bar?

Please contact me if this isn't clear enough and you need me to elaborate.


Thank you in advance,



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