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Ten Stitch Blanket Crochet Pattern


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This Ten Stitch Blanket Crochet Pattern is a conversion of Frankie Brown’s Ten Stitch Blanket Knitting Pattern.


I would like to thank Frankie for giving me permission to write the crochet version of her lovely blanket.


For those of you who have never seen (or heard of) the Ten Stitch Blanket, let me break it down for you:

The Ten Stitch Blanket is worked in a spiral (or “rounds of rows”) around a central square of 10 stitches by 10 rows.  The beauty of the project is that the short rows (10 stitches per row, less on the corner rows) propel you forward like you wouldn’t believe and it is the perfect pattern for using up any and every scrap of yarn in your house.


You can find the pattern for the Crochet Version of the Ten Stitch Blanket here.  


Happy hooking, ladies

x dedri


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