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August - September - Make a new friend

Include any items that you want, but send at least one item to a person you have never talked to before and include a hand written note. Of course, you can still send to members that you do know.


Send all your info (C'Ville name, real name, street address (plus zip codes), email :compute  address and Ravelry ID to me (Terri/LadySorce) in either a PM or to my email address = LadySorce at yahoo dot com.


Remember to always have fun.


Your list should only have 10 items on it.


ALWAYS thank you Fairy GodMother in the thank you list

DO NOT say their real name (even if you do know them), we still like to guess at them :yes 


I'm sure there is more that I need to put here, but I've only had one cup of coffee so far..LOL :mug  :morcoffee 


I do try to keep a list of who sent/gifted whom what.

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Guess I will get this started.



1. Anything handmade by you.


2. I have a tree for each month, so except for Christmas, anything to hang on the tree.


3. Give to one of the charities on here like badrhinogullett's afghans for NICU babies or grannieannie's scarves for   abused victums, just to name a few.


4. Did I mention anything handmade by you?


5. This pattern:  The Christmas Pagent   Thank you FGM


I can't wait to make new friends.


Got a nice bookmarker and note from a friend

Some stars for my tree and a nice note teling me about my new friend.

Sparklers for my tree, a frilly scarf and a note telling me about my friend

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This is my foavorite Wish list group. I love the par tof giving to someone I don't know.

My Ravelry name is" trudem

1.  Yellow dishtowels


2.  Red dishtowels   Received from a FG in the UK, along with a lovely note.


3.  An NIV Bible for my Kindle  A FGM sent me this Bible for my Kindle. I am so lucky to have this to put on my Kindle. Thank you so much FGM!


4.  This pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/saturday-market  A Fairy has gited this pattern to me. I can't wait to make it! Thank you so much.


5.  This pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ribbon-bag-with-geraniums  A FG gifted this bag to me. I have always said a girl can never have too many bags. Thank you!


6.  This pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kaleido-coasters THANK YOU SO MUCH


7.  You make a pet bed of your choice for your local shelter OR make one and I will give it to my shelter


8.   The book "Granny Square Love: A New Twist on a Crochet Classic for Your Home" by Sarah London.


9.   A postcard from your home area.


10.  Any Aunt Martha transfer set.  

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Good Morning!!


I would love to make a new friend!! My ravelry id is KIDGE


1. Anything homemade by you!

2. Chevron Tote  Gifted to me by a sweet (and patient) FGM from NY .. Thank you so much :ghug

3. Elf Hat  Gifted to me by a wonderful KY Elf  Thank you so much ! :ghug

4. A Sweet Treat (Chocolate Caramels, Almonds or chewy treats)

5. Recycled cook books

6. Yarn

7. Recycled Crochet Magazines or Books

8.  An Apron (like they wear on either Little House on the Prairie or the Waltons)

9.  Hat Pattern

10. Ornament for my Tree

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I love making new friends. Can't wait to get started! :cheer:hug:cheer


1. Firstly, anything from where you live. I love making new friends and finding out where they are from.
2. Any RHSS or ILTY / C. Can't get it over here in the UK.
3. This afghan pattern : http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-owl-afghan Thank you lovely FGM!
4. It was pointed out to me by Mr Skoggy that I seem to have a collection of canvas and cotton tote bags so, if you'd like to add to my collection please feel free.
5. Any 6" squares in light worsted, any colour, or 8" squares in WW browns and creams. I love squares!
6. If you want little friends, I have 2 yr old and 9 month old daughters who love handmade cuddlies.
7. This hooded cardigan pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ermeline Thank you sweet FGM in VA!
8. Fat Quarters ideal for quilting.
9. This cowl pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-gretel-wrap-hood---crochet-version Thank you NY FGM!
10. This hat pattern in aid of Halos of Hope: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/celestial-navigation-hat Thank you lovely NY FGM!


My Ravelry name is Skoggy

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I too, would love to make a new friend!  :hug



  1. Donate a crochet item to a charity of your choice, any item, big or small
  2. Notecards or any pretty stationery
  3. Any hand made item by you, in any craft - beautiful scarf and squares received, thank you MO FGM! And a beautiful bookmark from a PA FGM, Thank you! Beautiful cushion cover, owl charm and a broom dolly from a FGM in Poland, Thank you!
  4. All yarn, even if it isn’t a full skein, will be greatly appreciated. I use chunky yarn to make beds/mats for animal shelters, and 4-ply or DK for baby charity items, but any yarn you’d like to gift will be put to good use 
  5. I have recently discovered a love for bamboo/wooden crochet hooks, but only have them in sizes 3mm, 4mm and 5mm, so any other sizes would be lovely
  6. I've just discovered cross stitch! So any cross stitch items would be wonderful, patterns, aida, thread, anything!
  7. Scented dried petals or buds, like potpourri
  8. I have a bit of an addiction to socks – I don’t know why!! Bought or made, any will be loved (I’m UK shoe size 5, which I think is a US 7.5)
  9. Any crochet books, I love books! A second-hand one you no longer want, or second hand on somewhere like Amazon, is just as welcome as a new one - 2 Lovely dischcloth pattern books received, thank you PA FGM! 
  10. Hot chocolate – sachets are fine, or if anyone can get the Milo drink I’d love you forever! 


Please be warned I live in the UK, so postage costs may be higher unless sending something direct from online


Love and friendship to you all  :manyheart

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I really enjoyed this one last year! It was great getting to know a few of you better.

1. Most of all I look forward to a letter telling me about yourself.

2. I enjoy postcards from places you have traveled or from where you live. There are so many places I will never get to see.

3. Small things to set on my window ledges or to hang from the latches. I change them out for all the holidays and seasons
including Halloween.

4. I tend to accumulate snow people, pumpkins, and bees but am not picky. I enjoy fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving things.

5. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/turkey-pilgrim-scrubbie-crochet-pattern   Thank you FGM

 6. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/maria-stout

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I love to grant wishes and I love making new friends.

1. I just started making baby blankets for my local hospital St. Mary's Medical (Langhorne, Pa) and I took the first batch up in July. I told her I would be bringing as many as I could every month. My next delivery will be on Aug 26th and I have three made so far. What I did not know until I receive the thank you note was the blankets are being used in the Neonatal unit (she sent a picture of my blanket on a baby bed), so now I have the help of my sister. I really hope I can continue doing this every month. She told me that they did not have any blankets and were also in need of regular newborn hats. So my wish is to ask is anyone would like to help me out, you are more then welcome to send a baby blanket or hats to go with my blankets for the month. I do not want to take away from the ville member that collects for the neonatal unit in Calif.

2. With all of the things going on in my life right now, I think I would love to have a pen-pal or email pal to write to. I promise I will write back.

3. Anything made by you. I treasure all of my crochetville families handmade pieces.

4. This pattern from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/teddy-bear-huggy-blanket.- rec from a friend in NY

5. If you have ILTY that you don't want anymore, I would be more that happy to take it from you.

6. note cards or stationary.

7. any baby afghan books or old crochet magazines you may not want anymore.

Make new friends and I will be looking to grant wishes on this list. Happy August and September

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I also had fun with this last year

1 dish cloths 6x6 or 7x9 no ILTC,our water makes them slimey??

2 tawashi spiral scrubbies (granted)

3 ohina tawashi ( japanese doll)

4 fingerless gloves,small hand

5 smiley face stickers

6 Mary Englebreit note cards(granted)

7 folding pair of scissors ( granted )

8 anything with roman numerals

9 large eye blunt needles

10 jasmine tea (bag or loose)

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Hello everybody, let's make friends! :ghug


Here's my wish list...


:ghug  What do you like to crochet? I'd love something made by you! Thank you FGMs for a great towel topper, a scarf, snowflakes and your cards and letters!


:ghug  A postcard from you - about you


:ghug  I'd like to try Topsy Turvy Doll Pattern I really like the idea and I think my DD would love to play with such dolls!


:ghug Every year I have "snowflake time" :D  so I would be happy to have THIS BOOK  (used is ok! )


:ghugGINGERBREAD HOUSE TISSUE BOX COVER  looks fantastic to me ... Thank you so much FGM!!!


:ghug My broom dolls would be happy to have some small baskets for their hands (or other little items they could hold)


:ghug  Anything crochet related that could come to your mind - yarn, baby yarn, Tulip Etimo hooks or Clover steel hooks, thread...


Have fun!



PS MY Ravelry ID is AnnaApak

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sounds like fun
Raverly name is craftylady56

#1-- #7 mesh plastic canvas need full sheets : 3 brown, 2 green,*** 4 sheets ivory, or white needing for making xmas gifts.Thank you FGM for the sheets !!!

 .****Now I only need 4 sheets of ivory or white (or 2 sheets ivory / 2 white)  and 1 sheet brown !!

#2 http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/librahorses.ry/fatty-lumpkin-the-brave-african-flower-pony-crochet-pattern I would LOVE this as I would like to make some for gifts for a few people who love gifted to me by FGM--thank you so very much ♥ I can't wait !!!!

#3 http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/patchwork-puppy-2 for gifts

#4 Love something handmade by you...


#5 this fingerless glove pattern    http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rotweinknoten


#6 a copy of Doris Chan's Amazing Crochet Lace--used is fine...I only want 1 pattern from the book.

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Hello all! See some wishes I can grant. So excited to do that. Can't wait to make some new friends.


1 acrylic yarn in fall and winter colors (don't really have many fall colors)


2 any red heart or vannas that needs a home (half skeins and scraps welcome)


3 want to try ILTY never used it before


4 card from and about you


5 brown, rust, or antique chain for jewelry making


6 seed beads any and all colors


7 anything for jewelry making (beads, charms, findings, chain, wire) or paper crafting (paper, stickers, ribbon, embleshment, stamps and ink)


8 any jewelry making books or magazines


9 ideas or supplies to make Christmas gifts


10 do something for someone in need


Have a wonderful day!

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I will be adding to my list as I think of things.


Doilies - any color - I have them displayed in my home


Coordinating fabrics


Soaps in any fragrance


12" zippers


Ribbon - all colors - 1/8"


Ink - all colors


Stamps for card making


Decorative paper for card making


Any fun stuff for card making

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Oh this is always so much fun! I have had such a busy summer that I haven't been able to be on the 'Ville much and I have missed it terribly! So I can't wait to jump-start my return by granting some of the wishes you lovelies have! :heart:hug My Ravelry ID is tiffer93


1). Fabric - fat quarters or larger pieces in coordinating colors/prints

2). A pamphlet from a historical or tourist site in your area - I don't have a chance to travel as much as I'd like! 

3.) Beads, clasps, wire or any other jewelry making supplies

4.) Yarn Bee yarn - in need of light & baby yarns, size 2 or 3 in any colors but open to any & all of the yarn made by Yarn Bee!

5.) Bright as a Button blanket pattern

6.) Infinity Loop Lace Scarf pattern ~ Granted by the busiest FGM I know :heart

7.) Bonfilia Hat pattern ~ Granted by a wonderful FGM in NY :heart

8.) Zalika Hat pattern ~ Granted by a wonderful FGM in NY :heart

9.) Zandra Hat pattern ~ Granted by a wonderful FGM in VA :heart

10.) Tunisian Sampler pattern ~ Granted by a wonderful FGM :heart


Time to grant some wishes! :hug

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These are always so much fun.  We crafters are so easy to please :)  Here's my list:


- A shawl pattern, Aasha (I am mvazquezcsr on Ravelry)

- This adorable My Little Pony pattern (for my niece) Generously gifted by a FGM in FL 

- Owl Basket pattern Generously gifted by a FGM in the U.K. 

- I love notecards/stationery.  

- A penpal

- Buttons, all sizes, all colors

- Fat quarters for lining bags

- Something made by you :)

- Any nice yarn you don't have a use for, new or started

- Hand or body lotion from Bed, Bath & Beyond

- Zippers of all sizes and colors


Have fun!

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