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New to Knooking

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Good Morning!

   I bought a knooking set from Wal-Mart awhile back but I could not figure it out. Is it possible to do a knitting project on this set or what should I do?



Thank you!


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The instructions that come with it aren't very clear. What I suggest is that you go on youtube. There are great tutorials that will help you out. I have gotten very quick at using knooks and can complete my knitting projects much quicker than if I were using needles, but it takes some practice and it took time for me to master the purl stitch where I can do this stitch quick, as well. Yes, I make knitted pieces with these special hooks.


I am trying to think up a way to convert steel hooks to knook hooks so I can do this with thread. My newest thought is by using epoxy resin to the end with a hole drilled through, but no time to try it out.:(

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