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Beachy Bag - With Hemp and Cotton


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I'm just in the mood to go to the beach, but there's no time for a vacation right now.  So here is the result of my sandy obsession.


I used hemp jewelry cord to crochet the bottom of the bag.   I started with a basic single crochet rectangle, then love knot stitch in the round till that section was about 3 inches tall.  Then broomstick lace in cotton yarn in the round (this was wonky to do, but I like the way it came out.)  The top is a thicker novelty yarn, which I found at hobby lobby.  I think it was yarn bee "mimic" but I'm not certain.


I dare not show you the lining.  I can crochet anything, but I'm a complete failure at needle and thread.  I used a combination of canvas and out door fabric samples to make a really sturdy lining.


The handles were purchased years ago... no idea where.


It's fun to carry!  Wish I could have documented it better while I was making it.  I don't think I'll ever get this one into a pattern worthy of sharing.

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OK. I'll do it for you. I can help you. I'm leaving for the seaside next week, so you can send me your awsome, amazing, fantastic bag and I'll take it to the beach :flower

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