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Hello everyone,


I don't know if this falls under General crochet help but I will ask anyway. I just made a granny stripe blanket which I am very proud of. But because we live in the north and because I used 100 cotton on this blanket I really want to put a fleece backing on it.


I have never done anything like this. I would be doing it by hand as well. I need to know the simplest way to do this with fleece. I have flannel as well but think that maybe fleece will be easier. Here is the blanket.




Read more about this blanket on my blog post -




Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks :D

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If I wanted to "line" the blanket with fleece, or any other knit fabric, this is what I would do.


Measure the finished size of your crochet fabric.


Unless you have already done shrinkage tests on this size fleece fabric,  cut a piece of material that is at least 10-20% longer "all arround"  so using easy math rounded to the next larger inch -

    if your crochet fabric is 36 inches wide, your fleece will need to be at least 40-45 inches wide.

    if your crochet fabric is 48 inches long, your fleece will need to be at least 53-58 inches long


Machine wash and dry - in the same load, but as separate peices.


Measure AND NOTE - hopefully the fleece is still at least and inch or two long all around. 

  so if your crochet fabric is now 35 inches on the shorter side, your fleece will need to be AT LEAST 37 and 38 would be better


Measure AND NOTE - Crochet fabric


If not get a larger piece of fleece and machine w/d as you did for the first. (save the smaller piece for a quick project such as a fleece blanket with crochet edging


Lay fleece with fluff side UP on a flat surface.


Lay Crochet Fabric with right side facing DOWN approximately 1-2  inches from ANY Edge


  Trim FLEECE as needed,   if it is the crochet fabric that needs shortening GET A LARGER PIECE OF FLEECE


Center the Crochet Fabric on the Fleece, Trim Fleece as needed.


Safety Pin THREE SIDES -


Safety Pin 4th side leaving about 6-8  inches in CENTER of the row open


COUNT the safety pins used and add that to your notes on Size.


To join the sizes, using the same yarn as used for the crochet fabric.


Refer to your post w/d notes. 


   IF there was no shrinkage in the crochet fabric, use same yarn and hook size at least .1/2mm larger


   IF tjere was shrinkage, use the SAME yarn and 1mm  more it was a chunky or bulky yarn


With RIght Sides Pinned together - Pick up loop closest to Fleece and slip stitch all the way around until you reach the opening.


Remove and COUNT safety pins (check your notes to be sure you remove the same number you put in place)


Secure the starting end of your yarn


With your YARN still attached to the work, Carefully turn the work inside out and pull your skein/bobbin to the outside.


Spend a few minutes reaching inside to the get the fleece fold to be as flat as is reasonable.


Holding the edge, folding 'as you go" the fleece to the inside,  Slip Stitch across to the starting edge. 


Slip Stitch to Join. 


It is up to you, you can just cut and secure the end of your yarn, but I would do at least a row of reverse single crochet all around, with at least 3-5 stitches in each corner.


Secure and finish your end. 


Or work the decorative edging of your choice - IN THE LARGER HOOK to allow for shrinkage when it is first w/d.


It is up to you but you may, using a yarn needle and the same yarn, or a coordinating button weight thread, "tie" your project as it were were a "tied" quilt to help hold the sides together evenly during use. 


Probably took almost as long to write this as it will to actaully do once you have your fabrics (crochet and fleece) machine wash and dryed <G>

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If you find it helpful, then I am glad I took the time to type it out. 


Just an idea for the future.  or even now since you have more than one project at the ready. 


I do not like the idea of fleece next to baby - it is not just a "plastic" thing either. okay it probably really is - but mostly it is not wanting to use yarn/fabrics that have not been treated to be used as sleepwear for children.


Instead, when I see them on sale, I buy a few 100% cotton flannel receiving blankets.  They are usually inexpensive and extremely washable - it also means their edges are "finished".


Then, after pre-washing/drying both pieces - with wrong sides together, you can just slip stitch thru both top looks, again with at least 3-5 stitches in each corner you can slip stitch or single crochet  -


Of course, if you like this idea, you can also use top sheets in twin, double, even queen -

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Wow thank you so much for taking the time to write out those instructions for me. I am really new at linings. I have a little bit of flannel as well if you say it is better for the baby maybe I should use this instead. Is there as much of a shrinking issue with flannel as with fleece? I really like the idea of buying a pre-made blanket and attaching it. Great insights! I really appreciate it.

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From the school of safe not sorry


While many fabric do not shrink substantially, they can "tighten" up - expecially when machine washed/dried for the first time as would be "expected" for a baby blanket that will be used.


Different types of fabric do lose as much as 10% and some like rayons are even worse. 


It is not so much the "shrikage" as the uneven reduction in length and width - which means that unless the new mother has time to be block the blanket - it may be drawn out of shape. 


Yes I admit to being obsessed with the small details to the point of possible fanaticism, if I am going to invest hours of my life into that gift, it will be as close to perfectly useful as I can make it. And if I do not do that, then I also do not enjoy the making.

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Thanks for the instructions...I have two afghans that I would like to try this on.


If it helps you then I am glad I had the time to do so

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