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Knit and Crochet Show events questions

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I am starting to think seriously about whether I can get myself to one of the shows this year.  Have been looking at the event schedules online and I am wondering about some things.


It looks like at both the summer and fall shows there is a CGOA "gift exchange".  I am wondering what exactly this is?  It is listed on the CGOA  site on Thursday at the summer show, "CGOA kickoff and gift exchange"  http://www.crochet.org/?page=Conference

Then on the show site, for the fall show, it says on Thursday, "CGOA Design Competition Awards & Gift Exchange" http://www.knitandcrochetshow.com/fall-special-events.asp?i16s2


Also, I would like to know more about the design competition.  Is there much opportunity to see the entries?  


Would appreciate info from Amy or anybody who is in the know about the events.  

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The CGOA conferences sound great!  I think the Parade of Fashions gives an everyone an opportunity to see the entries & possibly to hear about the designers.  I clicked on another link for information and found this about the gift exchange:  Thursday evening from 6 pm - 7 pm, come for a free conference kick-off event. All who bring a $20 (maximum materials cost) hand-crocheted item are invited to participate in the Annual Gift Exchange . Be sure to include a card with your name, address and phone so you can be thanked by the receiver for your gift.

Sounds like gift exchange is voluntary.  This link may give you more information about the whole conference:  http://www.knitandcrochetshow.com/summer-special-events.asp?i16s1


I'd love to go but haven't been able to yet.  There is a Buddy program newbies to help you learn your way around the conference.  Hope you have a wonderful time!  Maybe you'll share pictures?   :photo      :hook

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Thank you for the gift exchange info! :-)  I had looked at that page but i guess I missed it..  


Oh, I guess they have added info to the page, because this http://www.knitandcrochetshow.com/fall-special-events.asp?i16s2 is the page for the fall show, which i know I looked at carefully .  the info about the gift exchange definitely was not there before....unless my reading skills are completely failing me lol


Ok, so now I know what the gift exchange is.  Now I just want to find out about the display of the items in the Design Competition.  The awards are given on Thursday but I don't know how long the items are displayed and how easy it is to get a close look at them.  Guess i better take another good look at the website to see what else has been added or escaped my notice earlier :blush

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