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To better know each others

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I've been thinking of it for a while... I think a new thread called something like "About us" in Wishing Well section would be VERY helpful. When I want to grant someone's wish from their wishlists, I rarely know something about this person. But I'd like to know facts like:


  • what's your favourite color to wear / to decorate your home?
  • are there any colors you definitely not like?
  • do you like (wear) earrings / bracelets / necklaces / scarves / shawls / small bags / big totes, etc
  • do you have any animals?
  • do you have any other interests / passions?
  • do you read charted patterns?

                                            ... and so on...


I know these informations are similar to those we exchange in swaps, but with wish lists we are supposed to stay anonymous and we can only contact the other by wjsh list hostess. When I would like to asend some handmade items to a few people, should I ask the hostess: please ask ten people about their favourite colors? ;)


I think everyone who posts her/his wish list, could also post some info about themselves too :hook


What do you think?

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I really like this idea!  So many times I've wanted to ask these questions, but thought maybe someone would think I'm being nosy, or as you mentioned, you need to stay anonymous!

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