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If you love to make purses and totes, it would be convenient for you to learn how to make your own straps and handles. Even if you have the money to buy commercial handles, there might be a project for which you might not find "just" the right one to match the colors that you used. And just like the crocheters who learn how to make buttons so that they could always match the buttons to a jacket or cardigan, you will find that making your own handles is not only more economical, but more creative, fun and liberating! Tazia is a round braid that can be tailored to any color scheme you might use for a bag or tote.


You will find the free tutorial here:








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I've been aked that question many times, and even the House of White Birches people whom I've talked to more than once, have mentioned it to me. No, I'm no relation to her, I get this name from my patternal grandmother. I have cousins that have the same name, all because of grandma.

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