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New here with a present to introduce myself


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I just recently came across this site and it looks like a wonderful community for crochet!


A little about me - I am a stay at home mom due to the fact that I have a child with multiple disabilities resulting from a stroke. I have been trying to find ways to earn extra money in hopes of getting additional therapy for her (she is non-verbal, legally blind and has no way to communicate at present) as well as starting a fund for her in the event anything happens to me.


I have many creative hobbies - drawing, painting, sculpting, crochet, knitting, sewing, etc. you name it - if it’s creative- I love it.


I have recently started making crochet softies and have received a fair amount of interest in my patterns so I have begun publishing them. As a present to my fellow crocheters I would like to present  a free copy one of my recent patterns on Craftsy- Pokey the Pincushion for anyone interested. Message me for a free copy!


Pokey the Pincushion by Brithus


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Welcome from North Massapequa NY. You have joined a wonderful crochet community. 


Good luck in your endeavor of crocheting. Have you checked out Etsy for potential sales?.


Your little pincushion is absolutely adorable and thank you for sharing.



LI Roe

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