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Teaching Proposal

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Hi Everyone!


I am looking into teaching a crochet class at a local Air Force Base Arts and Crafts Center.  I need to prepare a proposal for them in order to have funding, classroom, etc. approved.


I have never done anything like this before, does anyone have any websites, forms, etc they would be willing to share with me?


Thank you so much!

Dana D.

Smyrna, DE

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I don't know if there is a form for this, but you could just write a letter, quoting prices of yarn, how many skeins it would take to make an afghan or lapghan, for instance, or a hat.  You could also quote the price for hooks.  I started a crochet class at our local Senior Center, and just required each student to bring a size H and/or J hook, and a skein of light-colored yarn to begin with.  But all our projects are made with donated yarn, so I didn't have to ask for funding.  We are now self-supporting, and we do this by having booths at local crafts shows and selling our products.  We also take special orders, such as a large afghan I recently crocheted for a friend of my SIL.  She paid me $90, which was more than twice what the yarn cost!  We also make little things, like baby blankets, and headbands, etc. to sell.

Good Luck!

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Since you mention Smyrna, I am guessing Dover <G>  My brother spent several tours there - so I once knew that base quite well although I don't think the 95th is still based there.


You may want to consider contacting the officer in charge of the A&C center. - they may be able to supply with either a sample of the form they will be using to kick your proposal up the chain, or copies of others proposals for you to use as a template.


You might also want to look around the internet for shows and such that have templates for class submissions for events.


You will need to select a "text" for the class unless you plan to "write the book"  I would recommend "How To Crochet" published by TNNA (The National NeedleArts Assoc) -  You will want to include a copy in your proposal package - if your local yarn shop does not have the book, let me know and I will help you get a copy or two for the proposal and your planning.  A good basic technique book will also make it clear you intend to teach basic skills with an eye to expanding into decorative and useful articles.


Don't forget you will need to include some budget details.  Both for use of base facilities and for the out of pocket costs per participants.


If you cannot find a local shop able to assist you let me know, we have done quite a bit over the years and Dover holds a special place in my heart so will help you. And, I am very good at fitting the word "outstanding" into almost every paragraph.


Feel free to contact me directly by email

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