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Comfortghan for Pat54 Delivered Ville Friend

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Mine won't be going out until Monday either. I was on the last row last night - and ended up ripping out the last two, almost all of the last color change. It just wasn't structurally sound! And I know I had reworked around one corner last night, I deliberately stopped after the corner (because the corner was the trickiest part to figure out and I wanted to be sure I did at least two last night to help burn the pattern into my brain) and when I got up this morning, either dog or child had completely undone that corner for me. (Thanks, guys.) So there's no way I'm going to be done with it in time to make today's mail.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances with the Postal machinery, Skoggy’s squares lost their clothing (envelope) and were returned naked.       Ami Town took a vote and decided that this square deser

Here is the coolest part.  The box we used was from Amazon, so it has a big smile on the side.  How is that for ironic?   Yeah without Tampa Guy I could not of done any of this especially the pictur

Yes Peggy there is a free pattern for that it is called Bloom where you are planted I found it on crochetpatterncentral.com

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Yesterday I received two new squares and they are so beautiful.  Bright and beautiful.


Sergi, don't worry about being fancy, mine are just plain granny squares.


Here are the squares I got yesterday and thank you so much Smith for your help.




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I'm hoping to get a couple of squares to the post office on tuesday / wednesday. Please wait for mine before you put it together Mary Jo! :lol:hug The long distant slacker squares. :lol

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I opened my mailbox to a bouquet of flowers and some butterflies. 


Here are what I found from Magiccrochetfan.  They are so beautiful and I love the colors.









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beckyb sent the sun and sky and some beautiful clay color.


Thank you Becky for your help.


pssst, Mary Jo, the blue and yellow, that's the backside of the square ;)

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Oh WOW!... These squares are all so pretty! I just cannot wait to see how TampaDoll finishes it! Our recipient is sure to know how much love, hugs and well wishes are being sent with this special 'ghan. :c9

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Thanks Skoggy, I will let you know when they come


Hey,Janet, you going to come here and help?  We could lay it out outside in the warm sun near the pool. :rofl 


Tell you all, when I get it laid out, you all check it out and see if it needs changing. :devil 

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