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Hey, I'm new and i already need HELP!

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hello fellow hookers.. in the crochet sense

My name is Danielle, I'm 22 and I love to crochet! Started off knitting with my nanna until she showed me how to do this. Going through a major doily phase at the moment since i've just moved into my first home with my boyfriend and our lovely cat  :)

However, i've never made any clothing for myself.. so i tried to start tonight. Found a lovely pattern and got stuck on the 2nd row.. :o it shouldn't be complicated but it is!  :( I've tried this pattern before and it just went wrong, so i thought i would ask for help the 2nd time around.




So, that is the pattern  :) I'm unsure if each double crochet from the first row creates 2 double crochets in the 2nd row by crossing the 2 stitches? i think i'm complicating things. so the number of stitches doubles after every even row until there are 11 rows? any help would be appreciated  :)



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Welcome to the 'ville!  I think vintage patterns are fun, but sometimes they're like reading a mystery novel with the last page missing, and you have to do some sleuthing.


This one seems to have typos, and I've only read a couple of rows.  (sometimes OCR software scanning does strange things).  It seems to be in US terms.


What yarn are you using?  I'm not sure what equates to Woolco Shetland Floss nowadays, or if their  #8 hook is the same as modern US size H.


To your question, you are not gaining or loosing any stitches in row 2, just making them out of order.  Make 1 DC, *skip a chain, make another DC, go back and make a DC into the chain you just skipped.  Then, skip forward, past the next empty chain to your left, and repeat from *.


One thing that's missing is the instruction of whether to reach behind or in front of the first DC to make the DC into the skipped chain.  Whatever you pick, be consistent.

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I'm just using dk wool with a 6.00mm plastic hook, hoping this works out really!

Umm.. okay, so am i making the double crochets in the spaces or stitches? by looking at the picture i was going to dc in the stitch, then go back and dc into the space. Then, in the next row, just dc in the stitch that was the dc going into the stitch on the 2nd row, does that make sense? oh gosh, i'm sure i'll get the hang of this! thanks for the reply though :) xxx

ps i love vintage patterns, my wardrobe will be full of them soon, hopefully :) 

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It's too bad the pattern photo isn't clearer, it really doesn't look a lot like cross stitches.


Every other stitch will be made to fill the 'space' left by the stitch you skipped.  You will make it into the top of the stitch that you skipped; all of the stitches are made into the tops of the stitches of the row below, they are just not made in the usual order.


Example, the first few stitches, in the order you will make them, reading right to left.  Stitches 3 and 5 were originally skipped, then filled in.


4  5  2  3 1


http://www.nexstitch.com/v_crochet_videos.html   Here are some videos, scroll down under fancy stitches - there's front cross stitch and back cross stitch.  As I said before, your pattern doesn't say, but you should pick one or mix them up in a consistant way.

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