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Issue with circular afghans/throws

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Hello everyone, I have a question about making circular afghans. I mostly do freeform crochet, but I have consulted a few patterns trying to fix this issue. I seem to make the circles ruffle. I am wanting the project to lay flat but it always ends up ruffling up around the edges. I there a formula for the increases in each row that I am possibly getting wrong? any advice would be appreciated greatly.

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There are some formula guidelines, but a lot depends upon your tension and how you make your stitches - it makes a difference if you are a lifter (pull your stitches up tall and loosely) or a yanker (pull 'em tight).  The designer Doris Chan is a lifter, I'm a yanker, and I have a tough time working her garment patterns.


Some guidelines


If your piece is ruffling, your circumference is too great for your diameter.  Solution: going forward, increase your diameter and/or reduce the number of stitches around.  Mild ruffling can often be blocked out.


If your piece is cupping, your circumference is too small for your diameter.  Cupping really doesn't 'fix' nearly as well by making changes after a cupped area.

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